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You’ve Waited Long Enough to See Big Things Happen
in Your Life…

…So Let’s Start Finding and Profiting from Your Passion So You Can Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose and Be TRULY Happy!

It’s one of life’s biggest dilemmas for millions of people all over the world.

It can paralyze your path to career and business success, cause relationship problems and even health setbacks.

It’s probably affecting you right now.

What is it?

It’s the absence of your passion.  Your life purpose is not being realized.  You’re living a life on auto-pilot, going through the motions and letting your core strengths and most passionate dreams go unnoticed and unfulfilled.

You need a breakthrough.  A game-changing shift in your life that will be the catalyst, the jumpstart you’ve been seeking for so long.

I’m Sherry Collier and on these pages are the secret keys to the outrageous life and business success you’ve been looking for.


With Creative Path to Growth Coaching you can
begin a beautiful journey of self-discovery as you
let go of the past frustrations, failures and fears
that have been holding you back…

From engaging and spirited Workshops to the life-altering Reveal My Success™ program, there will be something here for you, so explore, engage and start to wrap yourself in the possibilities of a life fulfilled.

Click here to contact me for a private 20-minute strategy session to find out what type of business or career would fit with your passion and strengths.

I’m Sherry Collier, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founder and owner of Creative Path to Growth, and I want to congratulate you on your decision to actively pursue your passion and purpose.

This is not a decision that you enter into lightly.  It takes courage, resolve and determination to see it through to its successful conclusion.

It also takes an experienced guide who can show you the path to becoming self-aware so you can identify the niche you were meant to be in and be one giant step closer to launching the business or career of your dreams.

“Sherry Collier has an incredible gift for inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their personal and professional goals. She has specifically helped me fine tune my vision for my business and has given me very practical advice and encouragement to get moving in the right direction to grow my business successfully. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in pursuing a higher level of professional growth.”–Yvonne Scharf, C.N. (Clinical Nutritionist) Nutritional Health Coach & Owner of HealthArray, a Nutritional Consulting Business


How to Finally Break Through Your Life’s Barriers and
Achieve Groundbreaking Success

At Creative Path to Growth, we coach people who are interested in starting or expanding the business of their dreams.

We teach entrepreneurs how to recognize and use their unique strengths and talents to take their business idea, refine it, map out the goals and take the action steps necessary to bring their idea (vision) to fruition.

Just imagine what it will feel like to finally have some traction!


Here’s the Creative Path to Growth 3-step process:

Step 1.  You’ll be guided through important self-discovery techniques that will maximize your unique talents, passions, and personality strengths

Step 2. You’ll be shown how to find your perfect niche so you can plan your printed communications, marketing efforts & website(s) to capture your precise target audience.

Step 3. You’ll discover how to choose and put into place low cost (or free) online marketing methods to get the word out about your business.

It’s time to start shining.  You deserve it.

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