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Sherry’s Story


“I started Creative Path to Growth Coaching and Counseling to inspire action within individuals who are ready to step into their life of purpose and passion. I believe that we are each created with unique talents, traits, skills and gifts that are meant to be used to carry out our unique life purpose.

It is my absolute pleasure to combine what I’ve learned through Marriage and Family Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Coaching to provide a powerful package of tools that empower people to realize their dreams.”

My Professional Beginnings

Toward the end of my last year of graduate school, I married my husband Andy Collier and then started my internship as a registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern at Community Resource Center in Encinitas, California. It was there that I learned how to work with people who had experienced some really hard knocks. Some were homeless, others were single moms struggling to pay for groceries, and still others were couples struggling with major marital challenges. Almost all of them were trying to learn how to survive the hand life had dealt them.

These were difficult times as I struggled to learn how to balance compassion with motivating techniques. I became an expert at recognizing when depression and anxiety were crippling someone and was able to see very clearly how their upbringing and their own choices had brought them to their current situation.

While I was learning to practice Marriage and Family Therapy, I was also learning how to be a wife, and then, one year into my marriage, I journeyed through my first pregnancy and the birth of my first son. Like many of my clients, I too had to learn how to navigate Post Partum Depression and anxieties related to being a new mother. Along with my clients, I went through life’s challenges, trying to glean wisdom about how to dig out of old, negative mindsets that left me feeling as though I might never succeed.

Fast forwarding a little bit, I went through several different types of internships throughout six years and gave birth to my second son. Finally, I passed my state board exams and realized my dream of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. By now, I was working at a counseling center at a large church. I found myself feeling disillusioned with my job. Now that I was licensed, wasn’t I supposed to be an expert at succeeding? Instead, I was barely making enough money to contribute to our family’s grocery bill and car payments. It seemed as though we would never get ahead financially and I realized that working at a non-profit counseling center was never going to pay the bills (and all the student loans I had accumulated).

After working at this counseling center for ten years, I made the decision to strike out into private practice. I had to work hard to understand that the counseling services I offered to people were valuable and that when people paid for these services, they valued their sessions more and had a higher level of participation in their own healing.

Private Practice

Realizing that I needed help transitioning to private practice, I hired a coach who helped me to come up with a cohesive plan and held me accountable to my marketing activities. She taught me to value myself and value my own counseling services. I found that I was energized and filled with joy throughout the coaching process and started to realize the differences between “coaching” and “counseling”.

After building my private practice very quickly (thanks to my personal coach), I realized that what I really wanted to do was help people discover their passion and their dreams and then strategically pursue those. I began to take more of a coaching approach in my therapy practice and liked the results clients were getting (not to mention liking how I felt while coaching them).

It is with great joy that I now focus on coaching people through the process of turning their passions and dreams into businesses that energize them while helping them provide for themselves and their families. Watching my coaching clients create the life of their dreams has truly become an energizing and passion-inspiring endeavor. — Empowering, Encouraging and Equipping Women to Succeed — newsletter, website and community for women who want to thrive!

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