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Forgive to Create Success in Life and Business

September 5th, 2011 by Sherry Collier

Cleansed Sky

There are pages and pages of advice about how to succeed in life and business, but one aspect of success that rarely receives proper discussion is the act of forgiveness.  How does forgiveness lead to success in life and business you ask?  When you forgive a person or an organization for any wrong committed against you, you release that from your heart and mind so that resentment will no longer build like poison in your soul. 

I’d like to give a you working definition of forgiveness as many people think of forgiveness in different ways.  I define forgiveness as releasing a person or persons from the debt of “paying” for their wrong actions against you.  It is a wiping of the slate, a pardoning, an act of will (not a feeling) that you decide to do.  Right here, please allow me to discuss what forgiveness is NOT.  It is not allowing a person to wrong you over and over again without natural consequences.  Forgiveness does not mean that we continue to put ourselves in harm’s way.  Forgiveness does not even mean that we forget the wrong.  It is possible to remember a wrong and use our wisdom and grace to both forgive and allow for natural consequences to come into play as God sees fit.

When we wipe the slate clean with a friend, a co-worker, a colleague or a family member, we free up space in our heart and mind to move forward.  If we are to succeed in life and business we must be able to move forward.  A heart consumed with resentments and bitterness (unforgiveness) cannot move forward and stagnation begins.  If you think about a recent situation where you were wronged, you may feel the sting of hurt still in your heart and mind.  If you were to continue to focus upon the sting of hurt and allow your thoughts to think about how you can get back at them, you are not hurting them (with your thoughts) – you are hurting yourself and your psyche. 

I speak from personal experience when I say that forgiveness has brought healing, forward motion and success into my own life and business.  Several years ago, I had been hurt by a colleague.  I allowed myself to play the tapes over and over in my mind about what happened and about how unfair it was.  It literally made me feel sick to my stomach and my business was not progressing the way I would have liked.  I went through a powerful training about forgiveness where I forgave this individual out loud to another human being who knew how to listen and keep confidence.  Not long after I went through this powerful forgiveness experience, the person I forgave called me out of the blue and I was able to speak with them in a very friendly and productive way.  I felt completely at peace, completely released from the negative feelings, and the ruminating thoughts that had plagued me.

Here is a quick fill in the blank paragraph that will help you to forgive someone in your own life and/or business dealings. 

“I forgive_______________________(their name) for _________________________(their wrong action).  I release ___________________(their name) from the debt of this ________________(insert an emotion such as “hurt” or “bitterness”) that came about as a result of their wrong action.  I break any unhealthy ties in mind, body and spirit with __________________(their name) and I reclaim any parts of my own mind, body or spirit that became entangled with this situation.  Thank you to God for helping me to release this and move forward.”

The more you practice forgiveness, the more forward motion you will create in your life and thus, the more success you will enjoy in life and business.  I suggest making this a daily practice.  Each night before drifting off to sleep, wipe all the slates clean with the practice of forgiveness so you can wake up fully released, renewed and ready for new opportunities and the awareness to notice these opportunities when they arise.


Life Purpose: A Radical View – Part Four

June 6th, 2011 by Sherry Collier

Life has a way of busying our minds to the point that we can lose ourselves.  I believe that every individual is born with unique gifts, traits, and passions written on their hearts.  I began writing this article series entitled “Life Purpose:  A Radical View” to discuss the fun and important work of reconnecting with God in order to reconnect with our true self.  Today, I venture into Part Four of this series and I have the privilege to write about another real-life example of a woman who is living out her God-given purpose.

Teri Johnson is the author of soon-to-be-released book, “Overcoming the Nevers”.   She is also a wife, mother, and founder of Keeping it Personal.  Keeping it Personal is a company offering life-coaching and a course called “The Ultimate Journey: Unpacking Self-deception” – a 3-day boot camp designed to help individuals get to the heart of their life purpose.

When I spoke to Teri, I asked her to talk about living out her life purpose in her life (in general), her relationships and her work.  Her first comment was to tell me that she sums up her life purpose in two words – “helping others”.

Teri spoke about a portion of her own journey that led her to her life purpose discovery.  “I’ve moved away from people-pleasing and working for money to keep up with the Jones’s (which was operating in my own will, not God’s).  When people asked me what I liked to do, I didn’t know how to answer them.  I came to a point where I hit a wall and I didn’t want to live life another day because my life had become unmanageable.  I had to surrender my plan and my will to God.  It was then I started a journey to discover a plan and purpose for my life from God’s perspective.”

Teri remembers hearing a song with these words which inspired her,
“Give me a revelation,
Show me what to do
Cause I’ve been trying to find my way,
I haven’t got a clue
Tell me should I stay here,
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I’ve got nothing without You” {Revelation by Third Day}

She began to pray a very specific prayer each day – “Lord, open my eyes to see, open my ears to hear, and open my heart to know what Your will is for my life.”  She prays specifically for the Lord to open her heart because she has discovered that she can have knowledge about something but until it drops down into her heart, she can’t make the right decisions. 

Teri said, “Now I add to that prayer, ‘Lead me, Oh God, so I can be a light into the lives of others.’  It has evolved for me because I didn’t know what my life purpose was.  It is through surrender I’ve discovered what God’s will is for my life.  When we are open and are surrendered to God’s ideas and make God our audience of one – He will reveal our life purpose.  God is a Gentleman and He will wait for us to give Him the wheel.” 

Teri is convinced that God’s plans for us are for good, so when we are living according to His plan, we have more balance in our lives.  When I asked her to discuss living from her purpose within her relationships she said, “With my husband, I’m not stressed out about what I’m doing because I’m surrendered to God’s plan and God’s plan is good.  When I’m following my plan, priorities get out of whack because I’m operating on my own time frame, I feel stressed, get irritable . . .  God guides me through these relationships and  any conflicts.  He is walking me through it.”

In relation to Teri’s work life she also followed God’s purposes for her by starting an “underground ministry”.  As she puts it, “I have an underground ministry – God puts certain people on my heart.  I facilitate a class called ‘The Ultimate Journey’ – a 3-day boot camp to get to the heart of life purpose. Then I will coach individuals based on their needs.  Part of my life purpose is to help people find their life purpose.  God provides when you are walking in what He wants you to do – all your needs are met (emotional, physical, financial).  It’s such a Divine appointment when people come to me.  The people who need to be there will be there on divine appointment.   Our relationship with God and understanding our life purpose isn’t something that we can just write a mission statement about and then not take action.  Every day we need to be intentionally pursuing our purpose.  Get a system in place that works for you (I wake up at 5, spend time with God, before my family gets up) to help you be intentional about pursuing your purpose daily. If we want to know what pleases God, I need to understand what pleases God, so I need to get to know God. ”

After speaking with Teri, my own big take-away was that when we make our life all about knowing our God and Savior, He shows us, moment by moment where He wants us, what He wants us to do, and how He wants us to interact with others in our lives.  We can TRUST God fully in each and every aspect of our lives. 

Teri gave me an excerpt from her upcoming book, so I think I’ll end this article with this:  “Here’s an elementary explanation of what I’ve come to realize.  We are all children of God and He ultimately wants a relationship with us.  He sent His son Jesus Christ to live amongst us to set an example for us of how to live our lives.  He spoke truth, demonstrated perfect character, and taught us spiritual principles.  He showed us how to connect and have a relationship with our Father-God.  Jesus was crucified and triumphed over death.  To invite Jesus Christ into my heart means to accept Jesus’ way of life; to understand and accept the teachings of Jesus and make every effort to practice His spiritual principles in every area of my daily life.” – Taken from “Overcoming the Nevers” by Teri  Johnson.

Teri Johnson’s Information:
Phone. 952.224.2110  ||


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