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Dare to Be the Real You

September 2nd, 2012 by Sherry Collier

Knowing where you energy comes from and how your particular brain needs to process information is incredibly valuable to the quality of your relationships, your career, your business and your life as a whole.  Once you know your own preference about energy-source and information processing, you will understand your own needs better and be able to manage your life and your health.  You will also understand the needs of your loved ones better and how to work with them if they are opposite from you in this aspect of personality.

In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) the first aspect of personality that is assessed is that of Extravert/Introvert.  Myers-Briggs defines these two words differently than the dictionary, so here are the working definitions:

Introverted type – someone who needs time alone in order to re-energize.  They need to be able to process information internally.
Extraverted type – someone who needs to be with people in order to re-energize.  They need to be able to process information externally.

If you are an Introverted type  – you may be a person who likes to process thoughts and feelings quietly within yourself and might also appear to be “shy” at times, but this is not necessarily the case.  The Introverted type receives energy from alone time and is more adept at solving problems if they have time alone to think about them.  When at a gathering or party the Introverted type may speak with only a few people, but more in depth.  As an Introverted type, you may actually feel drained after a big party or event where you have been required to interact with others for a sustained amount of time.  The Introverted type will need to carve out time and space to get alone and re-charge their batteries throughout the day.

If the Introverted type is in a business role that demands a lot of interaction with people, they may want to consider hiring an Extraverted type to help them with the more extroverted tasks.  If they are in a relationship with an Extraverted type, they need to understand that the Extravert is not being egotistical by talking about themselves a lot – they just need to keep their thoughts and feelings moving by talking out loud.

If you are an Extraverted type you are a person who likes to talk about your feelings and thoughts out loud with another person or people.  The Extravert’s brain functions best when processing ideas, thoughts, and feelings out loud and getting others’ feedback (both verbal and non-verbal).  They are feeling most energized when they are with people and should be careful to surround themselves with other positive people each day.  The Extraverted type will also benefit from alone time, but really needs to balance that with people time as they are more prone to depression if isolated.

The Extravert will talk to many different people at a gathering or party and comes across as outgoing.  Extraverts are good at drawing people out and asking them questions to get a conversation started, but they might not be as prone to having deep conversations at a party or gathering as would the Introverted type.

If the Extraverted type is in a significant relationship with an Introverted type, they will need to understand that the internal processor really does need “cave” time or time to get alone with his or her thoughts – and not to take this personally.  The Extraverted type makes decisions as they talk it through whereas an Introverted type makes decisions after mulling things over quietly.  If the people with these differing approaches understand this, they can avoid thinking negatively about their opposite approaches and allow for the quiet time and/or venting time needed to process.

One way to explain the differences in how the Extravert and the Introvert process information, Is to say that Introverts like to “fully bake” their thoughts, opinions and ideas inside themselves before they speak, whereas the Extravert must talk through their thoughts, opinions and ideas in order to come to a “fully baked” thought.  This can explain why some Introverts can be confused by the Extravert and think that they keep changing their mind.  This can also explain why the Extravert may get frustrated with the Introvert for not being able to “talk through” their ideas right away.  We must be patient with each other in our differing needs and ways of communicating thoughts and ideas.

There are many other components to understanding your “type” but this article would be a very long book indeed if we attempted to cover them all.  Even so, a lengthy book could not possibly cover each nuance and interplay of the wide variety of personality traits.  Just as each snowflake is completely unique (no two alike), you are truly unique and truly gifted, making this world an interesting place of variety and “spice”.

If you are experiencing frustration in your career, in your business or in your relationships, one of the most helpful things you could do is to find out your whole personality type (all four letters of your type).  You can discover extremely powerful information in your MBTI type.  When you understand about all four aspects (or preferences) of your personality and how they all combine to make you who you are, you experience freedom to be who you were truly created to be while allowing others in your life to be their unique selves.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 16 years of experience helping my clients understand their type and how to apply it to the improvements they want to make in their lives, work and relationships.  I am currently offering a limited-time offer of my “Personality Plus” consulting package – this includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®) Self-Scored Assessment, a pre-assessment consultation (55 minutes) and 2 follow-up consultations (55 minutes each) to explain your results accurately and help you practically apply this knowledge to your life, work, relationships, and any other specific aspect of your life you want to improve.

Contact Sherry at 760-445-3415 or email her at and write “Personality Plus” in the subject line to set up your complimentary (free) consultation by phone (or Skype) to see how this or other consultation packages will help you succeed in your life, work and/or business.

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Take Charge Of Your Own Economy: Start A Business

May 7th, 2012 by Sherry Collier

Rhine-stoning crafters, web-designers, therapists, nutritionists and archery instructors are just some examples of businesses that some of my clients have launched.  In almost all these cases, there was a hard-working woman who wanted to change her work situation so that she could have more control over her own schedule, more flexibility to care for her family and more choices about how to generate income.

I am also an example of a woman who turned her career into a business.  In my case, I went from being an underpaid and overworked non-profit counseling center therapist to a therapist and business coach in private practice.  When I opened my private practice I faced the challenge of learning how to wear all the different hats (marketing, accountant, CEO, etc,) in addition to providing therapy and coaching for my clients.  However, I also began to reap the rewards of being able to set my own schedule so I could attend my sons’ soccer games and piano recitals, set my own fees, and determine what kind of clients I could best help.

Another inspiring story is that of a woman I met years back who had always loved outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, riding horses).  She felt so stifled in her job which kept her cooped up working in a tiny cubicle doing tasks she did not enjoy.  With the encouragement from some her friends she decided to launch her own outdoor adventure business.  She began it on the weekends – she offered outdoor adventure tours for small groups of people who needed a guide.  She provided packed lunches, water and all the outdoor fun you could imagine.  Soon, she was giving these outdoor adventure tours for so many groups she was able to quit her job and focus on growing the business she loved.

There are so many of these wonderful examples of women starting unique, creative businesses out of their unique passions and purpose.  I hope to encourage you to get creative, think outside the box and know that you can create a business that will use your best gifts and traits while putting your interests to good use as well.  While running your own business involves a lot of learning, growing and decision-making – it can also mean you get to do the things that mean the most to you.

To inspire hope in you, here are 5 steps to take before you decide what kind of business to start.

1.  Get to know yourself really well.  Doing the self-discovery work is an important first step.  This means knowing your personality type, unearthing your childhood dreams, learning about your weaknesses, and understanding how your psyche handles things like risk-taking and self-motivating.

2.  Choose two or three business ideas and research the competition.  Look up existing businesses that already provide what you are hoping to provide.  Use Google (search engine) to type in keywords (an example of a keyword for a nature adventure business might be “outdoor adventures in San Diego”) to find out what already exists.  Scope out their website, call their company and find out how a customer would utilize their services and what they would pay for these services or products.

3.  Pick the business idea that combines a unique twist on a service or product that is in fairly high demand and write a business plan.  A business plan will help you really begin to define how you will take your idea and generate actual profit from your service or product while serving your customer base most effectively.  If you need help writing your business plan you can visit

4.  Be willing to evolve and change your business model as needed.  Here is an example of changing a business model.  As a therapist in private practice the only way profit can be generated is trading dollars for hours (if you provide sessions, your earn income).  This can become an exhausting business model because as a therapist, you can only see a certain amount of clients while maintaining excellent service and your own sanity.  A therapist could change their business model by providing educational classes or groups, writing books, workshops and programs, and creating a Group Practice by taking on other therapists (as independent contractors) from whom you receive compensation for group marketing and other benefits.

5.  Before you actually launch your business, research the best way to advertise or market your business.  Different marketing methods work better for service-based businesses than product-based businesses (for example).  Make sure you have a pretty good idea which marketing method will best suit your unique business so you don’t waste time and money creating the most amazing website only to find out no one cares about your website.

There are a number of different factors to consider that I do not have the time or space to cover in this article but there is a lot of wonderful, free information available to you on the internet.

In addition, if you want to cut down on your learning curve, and possibly avoid costly mistakes – seriously consider hiring a business coach who can guide you through the process, ask you the right questions, help you understand your information gaps and how to find the right resources, while supporting you with encouragement and accountability.

When you hit that point where you know you want to start  your own business, create meaningful work that can fit into your schedule and provide for your needs, call me to schedule a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your unique needs, ideas and how to help you start your own business.  My phone number is 760-445-3415, or email Sherry at


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