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Moms Who Want to be Successful Entrepreneurs: “Mompreneurs”

May 9th, 2011 by Sherry Collier

Are you a mom who longs to be engaged and connected with her children and family while starting a business to generate income?  If so, chances are you’ve already tried several different businesses and business models.  Some moms have done well with direct sales (such as Pampered Chef, Avon, and Willow House), franchises and MLM business models while a lot of moms have not.  In this article I want to explain why so few of us succeed in these types of businesses and what to do instead.

Four possible flaws with direct sales, franchises, and MLM businesses are these: 

1.  You sell products or services that you did not create – making it difficult to maintain the high levels of motivation and passion needed to fuel the level of work needed to succeed.  If you are a part of direct sales, franchieses, or MLM businesses, you sell someone else’s products or services which may not provide the emotional intensity and passion that you would have if the products and services were the fruits of your own creative making.
2.  You have to sell through their business model using their tools and techniques.  These business models, tools and techniques are put together by someone else for many people and are not tailored to suit personality strengths, skills and weaknesses.
3.  MLM and Direct Sales businesses may require some selling to friends and family.  Quite often you have to start selling the products or services right there in your sphere of influence in order to begin to get any traction.  This can weaken and damage relationships putting strain on families, friendships and acquaintances.
4.  MLM and Direct Sales require full-time (or nearly full-time) effort, time, and mental/emotional investment in order to achieve enough success to be able to quit your day job.  It can be exhausting working these businesses if they do not suit your unique gifts, personality, skills and passion and often for far less financial compensation than what you would earn selling your own products and services. 

If you are one of those moms who have tried multiple MLM or Direct Sales businesses and have become frustrated and discouraged – take heart.  You can still create a business or career that will give you the flexibility you long for so that you can care for children and family.  The inherent problem with MLM and Direct Sales businesses (and possibly Franchise businesses in some cases) is that it is not your own unique creation.  It is not your “baby” and it is very difficult to sustain the high levels of motivation and energy needed to succeed without a sense of ownership and passion.  What can be done about this? 

Think about your sense of purpose.  What is your life purpose?  What are your gifts?  What are your talents?  What piques your curiosity to the point where you just HAVE to find out more about a topic?  Whatever your heart is drawn toward, that is a good place to begin to find and create the business of your dreams.

When you create your very own business where you exchange your services or products for income, you have creative license, you set your own schedule, you can sustain motivation levels and energy needed to push through challenges and obstacles. 

The key to creating the work or business of your dreams is self-knowledge and market knowledge.  The more you know about yourself, your personality, your skills and experience, your unique motivators, your gifts, and your calling – the more likely you are to create a business that energizes you, adds value to your client, adds value to the market place and that you can grow through all the inevitable challenges that arise in all business-building efforts.

Once you get completely clear about who you are and what you bring to the table, you are ready to learn what you don’t yet know, use your current skills and strengths to create services and products, choose your business model, create a business plan, fill a market need and launch your dream business! 

As a Psychotherapist and Business & Life Strategist I have created the Reveal My SuccessTM program to take you through vital self-discovery (personality assessment, skills assessments, niche identification, life purpose, passion) to discover and create the business that best suits you.  Then I will walk you through the start-up, marketing, and growth development of your business to add value to the lives of your customers and your own life – giving you that important flexibility to keep family first.

Keep watching this article series as I take you through the steps that you need to go through to start that business or career that will afford you the flexibility you need as a mother of precious children who need your love and nurture.


Bloom Where You are Planted: Success Starts Here and Now

April 11th, 2011 by Sherry Collier

Flower bloomingEntrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy, of ingenuity, creativity, invention and the forward motion of communities. One of the enemies of an entrepreneur is fear. Fear can keep you from stepping out in faith to create that business, invent that new widget, develop that idea that’s been brewing in your mind. There is a phrase, “bloom where you are planted” that can help you begin your journey to success here and now.

This morning I checked my container garden for weeds, water needs, pruning and overall t.l.c. Because my yard’s soil is full of clay and is not very hospitable, I typically plant seeds or small plants in containers rather than in the ground. To my surprise, as I knelt down to prune some dead branches off my tomato plant, I noticed a “weed” out of the corner of my eye, that was growing in the ground next to the container. Upon closer inspection, the “weed” turned out to be a healthy new impatiens plant. My impatiens are planted in another container about 12 feet away from this location so I was quite amazed that a seed must have made its way from one side of my patio to the other, burrowed itself into the ground and then sprouted.

This particular impatiens plant had managed to bloom in the inhospitable soil of my front yard. The thing is, I do not know how long it took for this little seed to finally bloom – I’ve had my impatiens in their container for over two years. It struck me how this was such a beautiful metaphor for realizing success in life and business. You see, aspiring entrepreneurs (and even established entrepreneurs) often think they have to find the perfect business idea, the perfect time, the perfect place and all their ducks in a row before they will be able to experience business success. This little stray impatiens plant shows us that success can spring from imperfect conditions. We can experience success right here and right now in less-than-desirable conditions.

Our economy remains tentative and our banks remain cautious about lending money (the inhospitable soil) and yet many businesses have been started and are experiencing hearty growth and success. You can let your seed go into the soil despite the less-than-perfect condition of the soil, and do your part to water it, nourish it and encourage its growth right here and right now. Bloom where you are planted – and see what beauty can spring forth in the form of a new business that will bring joy, passion, and purpose to your life.

If you want to start your own business, but have struggled with fear that you don’t have what it takes to make a go of it, call me. I help people tap into their passion, their strengths and talents to create the business of their dreams. I help aspiring entrepreneurs discover their own unique, creative style and match it to a market demand so their business can thrive and provide value to many people while adding value to the entrepreneur’s life. When you choose to use my coaching services you will learn how to start and grow your business in a way that brings joy to your life, so pop me and email or call me at 760-445-3415 to find out how I can help you bloom where you are planted and start that business right here and right now.


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