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Creativity: 5 Tips to Get it Flowing in Life and Business


Growing a business can consume your brain if you allow it.  One challenge business owners face is that the large amounts of “left-brained” activity it takes to get a business off the ground and growing can seriously deplete your energy stores.  Entrepreneurs are typically fairly creative people.  Creativity gives birth to the entrepreneur’s business which starts as a small seed of an idea.  To grow this seed – an entrepreneur has to don many different hats – most of which actually conflict with their creative side. 

As any creative person will tell you, neglecting your creative side is deadly for both the individual and for the business they are growing.  How do we keep balance in our life and business?  How can we keep the pumps primed so-to-speak, with plenty of creative ideas to feed our selves and our businesses?  This article will give you 5 tips for stimulating the flow of creativity in life and business so that you can keep both sides of your brain fed and happy.

1.  Get back to nature.  Nature is a gift that keeps on giving from her bright, blue skies to her rain-soaked greenery.  Whenever you can steal some moments to take yourself out into nature and smell the aroma of moist soil, the pungent oils of tree leaves and shrubs, the sweet notes of citrus blossoms . . . you give yourself a beautiful gift.  The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of nature stimulate centers of the brain that regulate mood, increase creativity, and provoke a more whole-brained approach to life.  This holistic approach to life brings spiritual, emotional, and even physical improvements. 

When you are approaching life from a more holistic view, you are going to make better decisions for your health, your life and your business.  I notice that the weeks that I have set aside specific time to get out on a hike (in nature) are the weeks that I accomplish the most and that I feel the best. 

2.  Invest a small amount of money on dry pastels (chalk pastels), crayons, paints and paper and commit to using them once per week (at least).  There is no need to be an artist, simply take some time to slow down and really feel your feelings (both emotional and physical) as they show themselves in your mind-body system.  Then draw the colors, shapes, and textures that come to mind when you think about your feelings.  For example, let’s suppose you have been stressed out all day and you begin to notice that your jaw muscles have become very tight and painful.  Close your eyes and tune into the jaw muscle pain and ask yourself “what color or colors come to mind to represent that pain?”  Then let your hand pick up the medium of your choice (pastels, crayons, paint, pencils . . .) and begin to draw this representation on paper.  This helps your mind-body system to release the stress and gives your brain a new perspective of it.

3.  Draw a healing image.  After you have drawn your releasing picture (directions above in step 2), close your eyes and let yourself imagine a beautiful color or light pouring into your mind-body system to bring healing and soothing.  Using the same jaw-pain example – you would imagine whatever color represents healing to you come in on your inhale and imagine the beautiful color moving in with your breath and swirling around and throughout all your jaw muscles, soothing all the muscles and tension there.  Imagine breathing out any of the stress and negativity you don’t need on the exhale.  As you continue to breathe in, allow your mind to see some healing images, symbols, colors or shapes and then draw these on your paper.  As you commit the healing colors, shapes and images to paper, you give your psyche the positive imagery it needs to move forward and heal.

4.  Make a game of discovering something new (and life-affirming) in your environment each day.  This does not need to take a lot of time, but it is a very effective tool for stimulating new neural networks in your brain (thus stimulating creativity).  Simply put in the eyes of an artist and really LOOK at your environment.  Notice new shapes, new colors, new smells, new textures and new ideas all around you.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of daily living, we cease to really SEE what is around us.  Focus on one thing and really let your eyes and thoughts explore all the nuances of that particular object. 

5.  Study a new language.  The act of learning a new language stimulates all kinds of brain centers that are not regularly stimulated.  As you speak a new word, learn how it sounds, learn how it looks, and learn the meaning of it (both in context of a sentence and on its own) this is forcing your brain to use under-used neural pathways in your brain.  As you activate these language-acquisition centers, your brain is forced to see, hear and sense the new word in a whole-brained way.  My personal bias is to learn a new language by listening to a song sung in the language – this kills two birds with one stone as the music also stimulates creativity.  Some ideas of wonderful artists – try Enya (one of her Gaelic songs) or Andrea Bocelli (his Italian songs).

As you begin to build creativity into your daily consistent practices, you will notice your mind expanding with new ways to approach your life and business.  Not only is this needed (in this fairly left-brained leaning society we live in) this is FUN.  When you take an adventurous, creative approach to life, it will translate to areas of your life you might not have expected and it will grow your mind-set, your relationships, your abilities to perceive nuances and it will give your spiritual life a boost.


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