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Forgive to Create Success in Life and Business

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There are pages and pages of advice about how to succeed in life and business, but one aspect of success that rarely receives proper discussion is the act of forgiveness.  How does forgiveness lead to success in life and business you ask?  When you forgive a person or an organization for any wrong committed against you, you release that from your heart and mind so that resentment will no longer build like poison in your soul. 

I’d like to give a you working definition of forgiveness as many people think of forgiveness in different ways.  I define forgiveness as releasing a person or persons from the debt of “paying” for their wrong actions against you.  It is a wiping of the slate, a pardoning, an act of will (not a feeling) that you decide to do.  Right here, please allow me to discuss what forgiveness is NOT.  It is not allowing a person to wrong you over and over again without natural consequences.  Forgiveness does not mean that we continue to put ourselves in harm’s way.  Forgiveness does not even mean that we forget the wrong.  It is possible to remember a wrong and use our wisdom and grace to both forgive and allow for natural consequences to come into play as God sees fit.

When we wipe the slate clean with a friend, a co-worker, a colleague or a family member, we free up space in our heart and mind to move forward.  If we are to succeed in life and business we must be able to move forward.  A heart consumed with resentments and bitterness (unforgiveness) cannot move forward and stagnation begins.  If you think about a recent situation where you were wronged, you may feel the sting of hurt still in your heart and mind.  If you were to continue to focus upon the sting of hurt and allow your thoughts to think about how you can get back at them, you are not hurting them (with your thoughts) – you are hurting yourself and your psyche. 

I speak from personal experience when I say that forgiveness has brought healing, forward motion and success into my own life and business.  Several years ago, I had been hurt by a colleague.  I allowed myself to play the tapes over and over in my mind about what happened and about how unfair it was.  It literally made me feel sick to my stomach and my business was not progressing the way I would have liked.  I went through a powerful training about forgiveness where I forgave this individual out loud to another human being who knew how to listen and keep confidence.  Not long after I went through this powerful forgiveness experience, the person I forgave called me out of the blue and I was able to speak with them in a very friendly and productive way.  I felt completely at peace, completely released from the negative feelings, and the ruminating thoughts that had plagued me.

Here is a quick fill in the blank paragraph that will help you to forgive someone in your own life and/or business dealings. 

“I forgive_______________________(their name) for _________________________(their wrong action).  I release ___________________(their name) from the debt of this ________________(insert an emotion such as “hurt” or “bitterness”) that came about as a result of their wrong action.  I break any unhealthy ties in mind, body and spirit with __________________(their name) and I reclaim any parts of my own mind, body or spirit that became entangled with this situation.  Thank you to God for helping me to release this and move forward.”

The more you practice forgiveness, the more forward motion you will create in your life and thus, the more success you will enjoy in life and business.  I suggest making this a daily practice.  Each night before drifting off to sleep, wipe all the slates clean with the practice of forgiveness so you can wake up fully released, renewed and ready for new opportunities and the awareness to notice these opportunities when they arise.


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