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Getting Ready for a Purposeful 2011: Implementing Your Goals

Wow!  This weekend is Christmas and I’m excited to bring you Part 4 of this blog series on goal setting for 2011.  To prepare for this last 2011-planning session, get all your paperwork, visual aids, and new pen and paper and find your comfortable spot to sit, ponder, and write. 

This goal of this article is to provide tips and tools about the implementation of your goals.  It is one thing to set goals, it is another thing to follow-through with action.  In the last article (Part 3) we discussed breaking down big-picture goals into smaller, actionable goals.  You wrote about each coming quarter of 2011 and the specific actions you will take to move toward your goals.  Now, just read this article (Part 4) and let this soak into your mind and soul.

Strategies for Implementation:

1.  Plan to sit down on Sunday night of each week in 2011 to write out your actions for each of the 5 days of the week (I’m a firm believer in giving yourself two days off for “sabbath” rest).  On each Sunday night, you will map out 3 actions you can take, however small, that will bring you one step closer to your quarter’s goals (quarter’s goals were discussed in the last blog article – see below).  For example:  Monday  – 1. grocery shop for nutritious foods 2. call the city to discuss your business license 3.  update your Facebook page, Tuesday 1. prepare 3 days worth of nutrious dinners (from the ingredients you bought at the grocery store yesterday) 2.  follow up with recommended actions from your call to the city 3.  reply or respond to your Facebook interactions from previous day . . .

2.  An important key to following through (and not dropping the ball) is to continue to take 5 minutes (at least) every single day to visualize your desired outcome (big-picture goals).  Run a very detailed movie in your mind and include all 5 senses – the more detailed the better – this movie will be all about how your life will look as you achieve your goal/desired outcome.

3.  Stay accountable to a mentor, coach, or good friend (who will not let you off the hook).  Touch bases with a real human being about your actions, your goals, your progress, your failures (yes you will have times where you neglect your implementation plan) at least once per month (hopefully once per week).

4.  Stay accountable to God.  Use your meditation/devotional time to lift up your challenges to God for His divine input, His renewing forgivenss (when we screw up), and for His tender love toward you no matter what mistakes you might make.  Forgive yourself just as God forgives you. 

5.  Reward yourself when you reach certain milestones.  This is very important!  If you work, work, work and never really slow down to reward yourself and celebrate your small victories along the way, your life will become drudgery.  Reward yourself with time away (take yourself to a movie, a bookstore, a coffeeshop, the beach), time with friends, buy yourself a beautiful pen or some small token of appreciation for your own hard work. 

Always keep your Life Purpose/Mission in the forefront of your mind.  As you work toward your goals, remember you are doing this for a reason – a purpose that is bigger than yourself.  Your life touches other’s lives.  Your life matters to God.  He really cares about you and He wants you to use your talents and strenghts (see the parable of the talents in the New Testament). 

I am here – rooting you on.  If you want to know more about my coaching services – call me and let’s chat.  I’ll be happy to help you set and stick to your goals to help you see them through to completion.  Many, many blessings to you in 2011.


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