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How to Stay Sane in an Insane World of Technology

As a mom who also happens to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, I see the huge need we have for more balance.  I see the devastating effects of technology-driven lives in children, couples, families, and even in the families’ pets.  Technology can separate us.  It can cause us to live in a made-up world where opinions and feelings are disembodied – shared without the context of a real relationship.  On the other-hand, if properly managed, technology can be used to bring together like minds who can then plan to meet at the local park, the local hiking trail, etc.

I see first-hand the healing effects of nature on people with mood disorders, autism, anxiety, PTSD, and a whole host of other emotional challenges.  I see the healing effects nature can have on the relationship between a husband and wife or son and father (on relationships in general).  Nature seems to be the best place to connect – it forces us to look into each other’s eyes, speak our thoughts and feelings out loud, to work together as we plant gardens, to come to each other’s support when nature unleashes her fury through a storm.

I hope and pray that more and more humans will return to nature, both for fun and for work.  We need more organic farmers and more flower gardens.  We need more hiking trails and cleaner beaches.  For me, nature is an important part of my spiritual growth.  I worship my Creator by looking with awe upon Creator’s creation each and every moment.  I hope we will all join together and fight the good fight, put down the game, turn off the computer and walk about freely on the planet. 😉


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