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Life Purpose: A Radical View – Part Five

Knowing your life purpose creates meaning, joy, fulfillment, and inspires ministries, careers, businesses and beyond. Welcome to Part Five of this article series I’m calling “Life Purpose: A Radical View in which I will introduce to you another real-life example of a woman who is living out her God-given life purpose.

Author Valerie Allen wrote “I AM INSPIRED The Beginning” after journeying through incredible life circumstances which helped her to discover the word “inspire” as her main purpose. In addition to writing, Valerie is a mother, a speaker, teacher, and a minister. When asked how knowing her life purpose plays out in her day to day life in a big-picture way, she told me the following:

“The Lord spoke to me about what he called me to do based on certain circumstances – He ‘inspired me to inspire’. I have the gift of writing, exhortation and evangelism. My gifts allow me to touch people’s lives – to motivate them, and to inspire them to live out their own God-given purposes.”

Valerie has mothered two sons, but it was her second son who was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism spectrum among other things), who taught her incredible endurance, strength, and determination. Valerie took full charge of her son’s care (in home) – teaching him how to talk, caring for him through surgeries, asthma, allergies, and many other physical challenges.

As we spoke about how her life purpose permeates her relationships, she said, “By grace and by mercy is how I live out my life purpose in my relationships. God gives me strength to raise up my child.”

“I homeschooled my son Daniel from the age of 2, and I was determined that he could rise above the usual expectations for individuals with his disorder. I was determined to teach him and to provide him the homecare that he needed. My entire home was set up for a homecare. By the time Daniel was 3 years old the Lord spoke to me and put on my heart that by age 5, I was going to see a miracle in Daniel’s life – that has come true.”

“It was years of hard labor working with him in my home, lots of homecare, surgery, teaching, but I always believed that my son could speak. He overcame many complications – with surgeries, allergies, and asthma. Because I put the time in with my child at home and I believed that he could overcome the symptoms of his disorder (due to hearing the voice of the Lord) – Daniel passed the entrance tests at public school with flying colors.”

As for the work aspect of Valerie’s life, her life purpose of inspiring others has birthed the book, “I Am Inspired, The Beginning”, brought about numerous opportunities to write articles, poetry, “THE TRUTH” BlogSpot (accredited to “Woman To Woman Empowered Group” led by Pastor Rebecca Simmons of New Creation Christian Ministries, Elizabeth, NJ); and will bring more books in her “I Am Inspired Book Series”. Her life’s work also includes ministering to women, teaching, and evangelizing. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Valerie’s life journey as a mother of a special needs child, and other challenges she has faced, has molded her and strengthened her to be used of God in a mighty way.

It is easy to see that Valerie Allen is living out her life purpose in life, relationships and work as she continues to inspire, empower, and evangelize as God leads her. I wish I had the time and space in this article to write about all her life victories as she has overcome some significant challenges beyond the caring for her special needs child, but take my word for it, Valerie has allowed God to use the refiner’s fire to bring about pure gold.


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