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Measure What You Treasure

I recently read a phrase that said, “measure what you treasure” in an article about goal setting in business.  I am not a logic-based analytical type – I prefer the creativity and imaginative aspects of right-brained business activities, so I’m not prone to measuring anything.  I am learning the extreme importance, however, of measuring things in order to know what’s working and what’s not as well as keeping the brain focused on forward motion with laser focus.

I discovered that keeping a simple whiteboard nearby and writing down three things on a daily basis can actually serve to prime your brain to keep focused on your most important business tasks.   The three things you measure should be directly related to generating income in your business.  If you are a solo entrepreneur (perhaps a weight loss coach, a therapist, a life coach, a nutritionist . . .) you could measure how many follow-up calls you made to prospective clients each day, how many groups you contacted that day to see about speaking to them about your area of specialty, and how many emails you sent out detailing a new program or a special you are running.

The act of writing a number on a white board and perhaps embellishing it with a little graphic (smiley face, heart shape, etc.) keeps your brain focused on these three important goals for your business.  Without focus-maintaining activities, we tend to get caught up in the mundane details of running our businesses and next thing you know it we have focused so much on so many things we  have lost sight of doing the income-generating activities.

Get creative – start measuring what you treasure and comment below to let us know what you’re measuring and how it is going.


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