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Nourishing Your Mind for Success

Every business owner comes to realize at one time or another, that the things we feed our mind determines how much (or how little) success we will experience in life and business.  When we nourish our mind with positive, uplifting sights, sounds, information, and thoughts – we grow and thrive.  This must be done on a daily basis, moment-by-moment. 

Think of your mind as soil and the sights, sounds, and information you allow into your mind are seeds.  If you sow healthy seeds followed by fertilizer, proper amounts of water and sunlight into the soil, you get a healthy, fruit-bearing plant.  Furthermore, you must pull out the weeds which can rob the growing seed of nutrients in order for your plant to grow strong and tall.  Likewise, if you sow encouraging words, uplifting music, and helpful information into your mind, your mind will reward you with more feelings of joy and motivation spurring you on to great accomplishments.

Certainly different types of activities and information may be more helpful to specific personality types, so you must experiment to see what brings the best results for you, but for the purpose of this article I will share what has worked for me.  Here are some activities and habits that I have incorporated into  into my moments, my days, weeks and years.

1.  Read and write.  Upon arising, read something uplifting, encouraging, and mind-stretching.  For me, I love to read some passages from the Psalms, Proverbs or other scriptures, or I’ll read a great book of inspiring quotes or a short chapter of a story of someone else’s victorious life (like Helen Keller).  Don’t stop with just reading it, write it – literally write out two or three passages that really spoke to you or write a response to what you’ve read.  There is something about writing it out that helps the brain process it more fully than simply reading it.

2.  Pray or meditate – take 5 or 10 minutes to get quiet and listen for God’s still, small voice, or meditate by relaxing and tuning in to your breathing.

3.  Listen to uplifting music, talks or sermons and encouraging words from friends and family.  Tune your attention into that which is positive and decrease your attention on negative information (the news, judgmental/critical friends or family members, etc.). 

4.  Before going to bed, read and write again – write about your accomplishments from the day.  Really take the time to savor what you did well and give yourself some mental credit.  Read something positive and encouraging to send you off to dream-land with a nourished mind.

5.  Once per week, nourish your mind by incorporating a tradition or ritual such as going to church, taking a nice long hike in nature, or a trip to the beach to think, pray, read and journal.

6.  Approximately twice per year take a weekend retreat or conference to learn new things, to experience the support of like-minded people around you, and to get some relaxation and refreshment.

Incorporating these daily, weekly, and yearly practices might seem overwhelming at first, but just focus on adding in one thing at a time.  As you incorporate more and more mind-nourishing sights, sounds, and information into your routine, you will begin to see a powerful increase in joy and success.  If you have a bad day, chances are you let some negativity into your routine again.  Weed it out and watch the garden of your mind grow healthier and watch your business grow stronger.


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