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Personality Plus

It can be so frustrating to continually hit a wall in your life, in your business, or in your work that keeps you from becoming the most successful person  you can be.  This wall can easily be deconstructed when you come to intimately know your true self, your purpose, your passions, who you were created to be and how to express yourself in an effective and authentic way.

The path forward is here.  It comes in the form of my uniquely tailored program called “Personality Plus”.  Call right now to set up a complimentary 20 minute consultation to find out exactly how your specific needs (in your business, in your work, in your relationships) will be helped by knowing your unique personality type and how that influences everything you do – 760-445-3415.

Here is what you’ll get from your Personality Plus Consultation Package:

1.  Pre-Assessment session to pin-point your exact needs and wants.  We’ll go over the aspects of your life (work, relationships, business, career  . . . ) that you want to improve.

2.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Self Assessment Form.  I’ll mail this to you to take in the comfort of your own environment before we go over your results.

3.  Two follow-up sessions where Sherry Collier, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 42187) will go over your results and explain your personality type in detail.

4.  In these follow up sessions you will come to know the best way for you to work in your business, in your career, and work with other personality types in your life for the MOST success.

5.  You’ll learn how to stop trying to be all things to all people and how to start using your best personality assets to accomplish more in less time.

6.  You’ll learn how to communicate with other personality types in a way that allows for win-win interactions with spouses, friends, business partners, relatives, co-workers, and employees.

This consulting package occurs over the course of 3 to 4 weeks where our phone or Skype sessions are spaced out to once per week so you can digest the information and come back with more questions and specific information.  This is a uniquely tailored package to fill your specific needs across the time we spend together.

If you want to jump right in, claim your complimentary 20 minute consultation right now by calling me (Sherry) at 760-445-3415 or email her at and write “Personality Plus” in the subject line.  I look forward to helping  you discover your authentic path to a successful life and a successful business.

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