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Reinvent Yourself: Four Tips

Have a Vision for Your Life

If you are tired of your job or coming out of a long period of being jobless, you may be at a great point in your life to reinvent yourself.  It is possible to know exactly who you are and what you were created to do with your life and time here on earth.  In fact, when you are operating from your authentic self, with purpose and passion, you will feel joy and motivation regardless of any obstacles you must face.

Here are four tips to consider before you reinvent yourself.

1.  Before you decide to switch careers, start your dream business or make a major life shift, pause and take some time out to reflect and prepare to define your life mission statement.  Ask yourself, “what is my life purpose?” and then sit down with pen and paper and imagine you are at the end of your life.  As you imagine yourself looking back over your life, your relationships, your activities, what do you really like about your life?  What do you wish you had done differently?  Do you see any talents or strengths that went unused during your life?  Do you see any burning desires you did or did not follow up with action?  Just begin to jot down thoughts, insights, and impressions about your end-of-life perspective.

2.  Write your actual life mission statement.  Start out describing your unique personality traits and gifts and then write out what you want to do with these unique gifts and traits in your life, your relationships and your work.  You can use this fill in the blank paragraph to help you. 

I am a/an_________________________, ____________________________, & ____________________________(personality traits, adjectives) woman/man who likes to _________________________ & _____________________________ (verbs or actions).  My burning desire is to ________________________________________________ &_________________________________________________(ideals, passions, actions)  throughout the course of my life.  I want to treat the people in my life with respect and love and I can do this uniquely with my relational style by __________________________________________ & ____________________________________.  The kind of work I want to do includes_________________________________________________________________________________________________.  The single most important thing to me is__________________________________________________________________.

3.  Now that you have written your life mission statement, decide what actions you will need to take to reinvent yourself.  I am going to list some practical ideas here to get you started:  discuss with friends what careers, business ideas, or ministries they see you doing well, begin researching online some of the interests you are contemplating in your reinvented life, hire a life reinvention coach (shameless plug for hiring me – a Life Reinvention specialist with a background in professional counseling (LMFT)). 

4.  Take at least one action to move you closer to the new vision you have for your life within one day of writing your new life mission statement and researching different actions you want to explore in your reinvented life.  Taking action right away promotes forward motion – don’t wait for everything to be perfect.  If you currently have a job that you hate, but cannot afford to quit, start researching alternatives now.  If you long for a relationship – don’t wait for life to calm down, start putting out your intentions to your friends, your family, your world right now. 

Most of us will reinvent our lives several times throughout our lifetime whether that happens in our relationship aspect, our career/business aspect or in some personal development aspect of our lives.  Major life events such as wonderful accomplishments, trauma, and/or loss can spur us to shift our entire perspective on our lives.  Use this as an opportunity to fine tune your vision and start moving toward it.  Life here on earth is short.  Compared to eternity – it is but a blip on the screen so make your blip count.  Cheers.


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