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Ten Key Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

key attributes for success

There are entrepreneurs who have seemed to have all the luck in the world – launching products, services or businesses at just the right time (filling a need) and in just the right way with key people who have been instrumental in supporting these successful launches.  I don’t call it luck, however, I do believe in Divine guidance, faith, and priming our brains with images of our vision.

The question for all entrepreneurs or business owners becomes, “how do I harness those attributes that are most often associated with success?”.  Before you can harness these qualities, it helps to know what some of them are and that is the goal of this article.  In addition to listing 10 key attributes of successful entrepreneurs, I also hope to convey that you can increase your chances of getting “lady luck” on your side by developing these attributes.

1.  Deep desire and passion to create their vision. If you are to be successful, you must have a deep drive and passion about your niche. Passion provides you with the motivation to keep moving ahead with appropriate and effective actions when times get tough.

2.  An ability to challenge negative thinking and harness thought-life to build a belief that nothing can stop them. Successful entrepreneurs are “stubborn” in a positive way. They take up and hold on to the belief that there is no obstacle that cannot be climbed, circumvented, or blown away with strategic and consistent action.

3. A love of learning. Successful entrepreneurs are curious and they want to continue to learn all they can about many different subjects. They know that the more they learn, the more equipped they will be when that next challenge presents itself.

4. Creativity. Success often depends upon someone’s ability to find creative solutions, to create products and services that provide unique support or help their customers to get unstuck.

5. Integrity and strong ethics. Successful entrepreneurs know that everything they do or produce will ultimately be judged by their customers. If they provide excellent service or excellent products and customer service, their customers will trust them and will be more likely to continue to engage in business with them.

6. Giving. People who have a strong desire to give to others, to contribute money, time, energy and resources to help those who could use a little boost are more successful than stingy people. Being stingy is symbolized by a clenched fist of someone who holds on too tightly. Successful entrepreneurs have open hands and minds to give and receive.

7. Respectful. Individuals who show respect to their fellow man and woman are more likely to receive respect. Remember the law of sowing and reaping? What you sow, you will reap. Sow respect, reap respect. Reap respect and you are more likely to reap success.

8. Confident. When you feel valuable, you portray yourself as valuable which gives people around you “permission” to value you and your ideas. Develop your confidence by recognizing your worth – there is no other person on earth just like you. You are one of a kind and you are wonderfully created by the Divine.

9. Willing to take well-placed risks. If you are to be successful, you must be willing to step out in faith when you are not necessarily 100 percent sure there will be any net to catch you. Those who play it safe may experience some measure of success, but will often forego opportunities that could have taken their idea/product or service to the next level.

10. Value relationships. Successful entrepreneurs value relationships with people. They do not see their customers as numbers or as dollar signs – they see them as people that they would like to help, get to know, and serve.

All of these 10 key attributes of successful entrepreneurs are traits that can be learned and developed. No one is naturally good at all of these things. Just like a child starts out with jerky toddling and then perfects and develops those movements into walking, an entrepreneur can start anywhere on the learning curve and improve and develop all of these key attributes.

Consulting with a coach, counselor or mentor can help you to fast-forward through the learning curve as you seek to develop the traits that will invite success into your life. Contact Sherry Collier, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Business Strategist to find out how her services can best support you on your journey to success.


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