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The Simple Life

Far Away Beach

I am in the midst of struggling with technology right now.  I’m learning new software and new systems which are completely foreign to me, so as you may imagine, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed.  In the midst of all this overwhelm I am reminded to consciously return to simplicity.  I am tempted to run away to the Bahamas and lose myself on some far away beach, but this is not a realistic option at this point in my life.  I do, however, want to return to the simple life in my mind, thoughts and emotions, so I write this today with the goal of reminding you and myself, how to simplify life.

“Knowing your purpose gives your life meaning, simplicity, focus and motivation.  It also prepares you for eternity.”  This is an excerpt taken from Rick Warren’s “Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life” which I was reading this morning.  As a life and business strategist with a Biblical foundation, I know that my one, main purpose for existing on this planet is to glorify the Creator God.  God created me in His image and created beautiful people and nature all around me which reflects God’s emphasis on relationships.

Relationships are everywhere in nature and in human-kind.  The flowers depend upon the bees to pollenate and cross-pollenate.  The trees depend upon root systems that can reach deep into the ground toward life-giving water.  Even the very molecules of water are in relationship to one another and to other created matter.  In the God-head (the Bible teaches God is tripartite – three in one) God the Father is in relationship with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  God created me (and you) tripartite too – mind, body and spirit – which are all in constant relationship to one another within me. 

When we get overwhelmed and life starts feeling way too complex, we can return to our basic life purpose – to be in relationship with a loving Creator and to be in relationship with all of creation.  Creation itself constantly shouts out its worship and its glory as it mirrors the beauty of its Creator.  To make this concept of our main life purpose more simple and practical – you can insert the word “praise” for “worship” or for “glorifying”.  When we praise God, literally say things like “Thank you Creator God for this beautiful sunset, that glorious sky” – we are fulfilling our main life purpose.

I’ll keep this article simple (since it is entitled “The Simple Life” after all).  When you run into doubts about who you are, what you are supposed to be doing and where you are headed, just start praising your Creator.  This gives your mind, body, spirit the proper alignment and then the rest of your life can begin to flow from this beautiful order.  Once you go back to the basics of your purpose, then you will receive divine guidance about your unique traits, strengths, skills and passions and how they should be used.


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