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Want Success? Get Stubborn!

The key to success in business, in a hobby, in sports, in any endeavor – is to hang there even when it seems like your endeavor is too hard to accomplish. One personality trait that successful business women and men possess is the ability to stay stubborn in the face of apparent defeat.

When you feel like you are banging your head against the wall and the door to success just won’t open, re-examine your approach and keep trying. Do not give up! If you are convinced that the goal you are aiming to achieve is worthy, then stick with it until you find a way around, under, over or through any obstacle.

If you have fire in your belly, you feel passionate about the goal you are pursuing and you have a deep conviction that it is a worthy goal, then commit to crossing the finish line no matter what. If you go into an activity/endeavor with the mindset that you can always quit if it gets too hard, then it will get too hard, and you will quit.

I’m keeping this article short and sweet today – increase the right kind of stubborn-ness and success will follow.


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