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Want to Pinpoint Your Passion? Know Your Personality Type

If you want long-term success, follow your passion.  Don’t chase the money, the power or the fame – find out what really makes you tick and develop a career or a business based on your passion.  I’ve heard this throughout my life and you probably have heard this too, but then we forget.  When some of our friends and family say, “you need to get a good-paying job”, we tend to believe them and fall right back into pursuing a job that will make good money while forgetting all about the things we feel passionate about.

Resist the temptation to take on the belief that your life’s work must be hard, boring, and downright painful.  There is truth in the advice to follow your passion.  If you start a business or a career based on something that excites you, it causes you to jump out of bed in the morning full of ideas and the motivation to work effectively  while thoroughly enjoying it.  When you go into business or start a career, you will need momentum and motivation for the long haul and if you are not passionate about what you are doing, that motivation will fizzle bringing you up short of  your goals.

As a therapist and a coach, I work with a lot of individuals who have neglected their passions and their authentic self for so long that they don’t know how discover what kind of career or business would ignite their fire.  Part of the work we must do, is to identify their personality type so they can begin to get in touch with who they were created to be.  In this way, discovering your personality type can actually be an important part of the path back to your authentic self and your passions.

Did you know that you were born with a pre-disposition toward certain personality traits?  Just as we are born with a propensity to use our left hand or right hand, we are also born with a propensity to prefer extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuiting, feeling or thinking, and judging or perceiving (as assessed with MBTI®).

Here is an example that might be useful:  imagine that there is a little baby who is pre-disposed to preferring introversion (gets re-energized by being alone, needs time to process thoughts and feelings internally before expressing them externally).  This little introversion-preferring baby is born into a primarily extraverted family (extraverts prefer to process thoughts and feelings out loud and feel re-energized by being with people).  You can see how this little baby may have to learn how to behave in a more extraverted fashion in order to “fit in” with his extraverted family.  As this child grows into adulthood, he or she may feel different or strange and not understand this “crazy” need for alone time while his/her whole family thrives on being together.  If this child eventually learns that he or she is actually more introverted in nature, then they can embrace that quality and look for ways to work and relate that would appeal more to an introverted type.

Just as a right-handed person will prefer to write with their right hand (even though they are able to use their left hand as well) so also is an introverted person going to function more comfortably and effectively if allowed to use their introversion (even though they are able to use their extraversion when needed).  To sum this up, if you know your unique personality traits (or preferences), you will feel more comfortable working, relating, and functioning within your trait preferences.  If you do not know your unique traits or preferences, you are more likely to think you are somehow different than others and don’t know your authentic self as well, since it will not yet be validated in your mind.

As soon as someone becomes aware of their traits and preferences, some of their choices begin to make more sense and they can become much more strategic about how they pursue a career or how they decide to run their own business.  This is where you are wise to ask for help.  If you try to figure out your own traits on your own, chances are you will miss important information that could be vital to your success in life, love and work.

If you are serious about starting a career or business, first know yourself well, then your passions will begin to come to light.   There will be more things to consider and more exercises to do to continue to unearth your passions, but simply knowing more about who you were created to be will start this energizing process.  Stay tuned for some actual examples of careers and businesses that will be more successful when aligned with corresponding  personality types in my next blog article.

If you are ready to start a new career or business and want to ensure your long-term success, call Sherry Collier to discuss how her Reveal My SuccessTM coaching program will help you discover, launch and grow the career or business of your dreams.  760-445-3415.


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