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Why Do We Need to Plan for Success?

Planning comes naturally to some folks, and not so naturally to others.  I am one of those that it does NOT come to naturally.  Throughout my life I have had to learn the art and science of planning, goal-setting, and using a structured way to move toward my life purpose.  I tend to go with the flow, take it as it comes, see what happens . . . and this serves me well for some tasks (such as creative brainstorming or being flexible), but has worked against me when it comes time to take that great idea and make it happen.

There are many inspiring quotes about planning, but one of my favorites is something about if you set out on the ocean to sail, but don’t know where you are sailing to – you will get there (you’ll drift aimlessly).  I can’t remember who said it or exactly how it was said, but it gives such a clear picture of why we must plan where we want to head in our life, our relationships, and our work.

We don’t need to complicate life any further, but taking some time out each week to reassess your plans is a great habit.  It will actually simplify life and make life flow more smoothly if you have an idea of what you are going to do with your precious and valuable time each week.

Planning for success is really quite simple (though not easy) and can be summed up in the following three steps:

1.  Get alone and get quiet and ask the questions – what is my life purpose?  Based on my life purpose – how do I want to treat all the people in my life?  Get clear about what you want to create in your life, your relationships, and your work.  When you base your relationships and your work upon your life purpose – everything has more meaning.

2.  Guided by your life purpose – begin to write out each  of the main steps you will need to take in each of the three categories of life:  life, love, and work.  Write about steps needed to improve a friendship (e.g. call them more often, tell them I appreciate them . . . ).  Write out steps needed to improve work.  Want to start a business of your own?  Write the steps you must take to decide how to start it. 

3.  Break down the main steps to achieve your goals into even smaller steps.  What steps can you take daily to get you a little bit closer to that change in career?  What steps can you take daily to find your perfect mate (if you’re single and looking).  Then COMMIT!  Commit to action each and every day. 

Have fun along the way.  Build spontaneity into each day, but have a plan and a vision for where you are headed.  Your loved ones, friends, family, colleagues and children will love you for it.  You will feel absolutely fantastic as you take strategic steps toward your work goals (maybe you’ll open your own business or change careers to something more exciting and more fitting).  Your life will love you for it – the Creator put you here on earth with all your unique personality traits, strengths, gifts, and passions.  Get in touch with those things and experience joy on the way to success.


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